Constructing the Set: Part Two.

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To finish the build of the set I had to add the corner bit. After Measuring out the size of the rectangle that will make the stage area I then cut it out with a Stanley knife and added it to my set. The inside of the stage area was built using four smaller pieces of hardwood. these were glued to the back of the front section before it was all glued into the corner of the set with a hot glue gun.


Constructing the Set: Part One.

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For my set I have used high density fibre board (hardboard). Hardboard is relatively cheap which was one of the many qualities that made it perfect for my set. The only problem I have encountered was that it has a tendency to bend. To counter act this I have reinforced it with some recycled chipboard that will hold the structure in place.

By using my Google SketchUp plan of the set, I began measuring the board before cutting to to size with a handsaw.

To ensure that the corner was strong and structured I reinforced the corners with chipboard and hot glued it into place. With the main two walls of the structure built I was then able to build the top tier of the set. This was done with a third piece of hardboard, to insure that it would be stable enough to support my characters, I glued a number of pillars to the two sides and underneath the flooring. With having the three main pieces all glued together the structure was a lot more, well structured.

The stairs were constructed by measuring out the height of the top tier and then dividing it by three. With these measurements, I cut out six strips of hardboard and glued them together. With the stairs on and the structure strong enough to withstand being moved about to different locations without falling apart, I think it’s time for a nice cup of tea.


Padding out my Armature- Continued

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Continuing on from my last post about padding out my armature with foam, today I built up the body with styrofoam. Because you cannot glue styrofoam together with superglue as it melts it away, I used a hot glue gun to bind each half together.

With the glue dry, I sanded down the rough edges of styrofoam down so that they were nice and smooth. The armature Is now ready to be dressed in the near future.

Padding out my Armature.

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Today I began padding out my armature for Jake Remake. To do this I used a yellow car washing sponge and some Loctite super glue. After cutting the sponge into thin strips I wrapped them around each of the main limbs to build up the thickness. By applying a dab of superglue to the tips of the sponge strips it binds the sponge together and keeps it from coming loose.

I then began to build the sponge up over the armatures joints. To easily locate the screws that tighten and loosen the joints I have marked the sponge with pink highlighter pen.

In my next post I will talk about how I built up the body.