Mr. Milk Turnaround.

Mr. Milk Turnaround.


Jake Colour Testing.

Colour Test

After finalising the look of Jake Remake, I wanted to explore was how different colours could really change the feeling of such a simplistic character. After doing this I decided I really liked both the red jumper blue jeans combination. however the pattern on this jumper will definitely be changed at a later stage.

Developing Jake.


Here are a few ideas I considered when developing the character of Jake Remake for my Pre Production Module. I really wanted to play around with a few popular styles such as Hanna Barbera’s underbite and Tim Burton’s large eyes and small mouth but felt that these styles just wouldn’t suit the aesthetic yet simple look I wanted for Jake.¬†After watching Henry Selick’s James and the Giant Peach (1996), I began¬†exploring the idea of a character with just really small black dots for eyes. Using the dotted eyes as a basis I decided that Jake Remake’s style should be as simple as possible.

After designing Jake’s face the second question on my mind was: What can Jake wear? In my mind I automatically decided that he should wear a jumper with a creative logo on the front. I think this came from childhood memories of Neil Buchanan’s big red Art Attack jumper and I really wanted to pay homage to that.