Creative Skillset Animation & VFX Showcase: The Event


After arriving in London and hopping on the tube I was finally at the centre point of the massive city, and over my head was a giant gold statue of Freddie Mercury.

As I stared up towards the statue I heard a voice say “give me your money” – grabbing my bag tight i looked upwards only to be greater by the faces of a group of my friends from my course that had by pure coincidence managed to get off the tube at the same time as me.

After getting a bite to eat Garfunkel’s we all arrived at Paramount which I heard is one of the most central point of London, the venue was absolutely amazing, and although it took a while to get everyone to the 31st floor the vista was astonishing.


It was finally time to mingle and I took the opportunity to speak to as many of the talented people and studios that were available. Finding the right people to talk to was made easier by everyone having colour co-ordinated name tags depending on whether they were industry, staff, students or tutors and to narrow this down further there was a little square which said what animation discipline. I think this was a really good idea from Creative Skillset.

During the event I managed to talk to a variety of really nice people from the animation industry including: The Culture Group, Mackinnon and Saunders, HIT Entertainment, Karrot Animation, Fettle Animation and Dinamo. It was great to speak to all of these people face to face and they were all both enthusiastic and helpful

The event itself made all the travelling worth while and if there was ever a similar event I would encourage people to make the extra effort to attend.

Thank you Creative Skillset for inviting me.



Creative Skillset Animation & VFX Showcase


After waking up at the crack of doom and filling my belly with Ronald McDonald’s finest, I am finally on the Megabus down the the wonderful city of London for the Creative Skillset Animation & VFX Showcase that is on Tonight.

I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to talk to people from all over the animation world about my ideas and skills.

Although I am going to be on this rather well furnished coach for the next few hours I am sure it will be worth the travel!!

Hope to see anyone else who is going later for a chat and I will post all about it over he next few days. Wish me luck.